Working safely within the Peace Centre

‘Keeping our Visitors Safe’ Policy

As we slowly prepare for the new ‘normal’, we want to create a place where our clients feel safe and reassured when entering the Centre. Our commitment to you is to introduce several new measures to protect you and your colleagues.

The Peace Centre we will ensure the following procedures are in place and guidelines are followed:

  • We will adopt best practice in line with the latest guidelines from HM Government, the World Health Organisation, UNESCO, and our regulators and commissioners.
  • We will monitor and adopt additional practices that we deem to be necessary, proportionate, and safe.
  • Have measures in place to enable anyone on site to abide by social distancing guidance. One-way systems, entrance and exits, room layouts 
  • Guests will receive a safety induction to ensure they fully understand the measures in place on site to protect them and others.
  • Signage will be displayed throughout the building at entrances, toilets and in any shared spaces.
  • Provide hand washing points and sanitisers across the site.
  • Toilet areas will be monitored and regularly touched objects and surfaces will be cleaned more often than usual during this period. All areas will be ‘deep cleaned’ when necessary.
  • Any food or refreshments will be pre-wrapped to stop any cross contamination
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn when food is prepared and served
  • To fully understand our clients’ needs and requirements to eliminate any worries they may have